Ride the opportunity wave and cash in on the popularity of the Bubble Tea Drink. Bubble Tea outlets and shops are popping up everywhere. You have probably seen stories about it on T.V. or read about it in the newspapers. It is not a "FAD" and it here to stay.

Bubble Tea drinks can be served hot or cold in Tea based, Coffee based, Milk based, Fruit Flavor based or Fresh Fruit based beverages. Consumers have a choice to have Tapioca PearlsRainbow Pearls, Popping Bobas or even Coconut Jelly with their Bubble Tea drinks.

There is no doubt that its popularity is enormous among people of the Asian community of all age groups. It's also quickly catching on in western culture. Here are some good reasons why you should sell Bubble Tea:

Bubble Tea

Easy to Prepare

Bubble Tea is easy to prepare. Making Bubble Tea is as easy as making instant chocolate milk. Study the industry's recipes and add a little creativity and Bubble Tea lovers will be lining up at your shop.

Existing menu

Are you thinking of adding Bubble Tea to your existing menu? Retraining your staff to prepare Bubble Tea is easier than cooking fried rice. It is very easy to learn and simple repetition will have staff catching on. It will be the easiest item to prepare on the menu.

Minimal cost.

Our wholesaler prices for the machines and ingredients are among the industry’s most competitive. At Bubble Tea Supply, we will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary for your Bubble Tea success!!!!


Most Bubble Tea operations are small thus making them easy to manage and maintain. They are usually located near and in high traffic areas such as main streets, malls, food courts or kiosks.

Cream and Sour flavored powders

We carry both the Cream Flavored Powders and the Sour Flavored Powders. The Cream Flavored Powders are creamy in flavour and taste extra smooth when used with our specially formulated "Refined Cream Powder". Some of our famous flavors in our product list are Taro, Honeydew and Mango. Give your taste buds a treat and try one of these big hits at your local BBT shops!! If you are in the mood to have a refreshing and tangy Bubble Tea drink, then try one of our Sour Flavored Powders. Our product list includes popular flavors such as Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Mango or Peach. It's a very refreshing drink.

Accessories and Supplies

Our Bubble Tea "Shaking Machines", and "Auto Cup Sealer" are strong and durable for long-term commercial use. These machines are very easy to maintain and easy to operate for all-purpose use. Supplies such as "Cocktail Shakers" both in Stainless Steel and Plastic are good quality and very professional looking. The plastic "Cocktail Shaker" has exterior measurements to make the work of mixing more easy and convenient. Bubble Tea Cups, Dome Lids, and Fat Straws come in a variety of sizes and colors. Our lists of supplies and accessories are updated regularly. Please check Our List.

Home and Party Kits

If you are having a party and need ideas for what beverage to serve. Why not plan a Bubble Tea party? Check out our great selections of Bubble Tea Kits. You can demonstrate and everyone can participate. Bubble Tea drinks is refreshing, delicious, and tantalizing for all ages. This drink will make your party fun and unique. All you need is to try out a Bubble Tea Kit and your guests will praise you for it.

Tapioca Pearls

Tapioca Pearls are made from the root of the cassava plant. We carry Tapioca Pearls in semi-cooked, Rainbow and Raw form. "Raw" of course being extra chewy in texture and is widely used in most commercial bubble tea shops worldwide. Our Pearls come in 3 kg bags. There are 6 bags per case. The most popular Tapioca Pearls are the black ones because they are tastier and chewier. Check out our Bubble Tea "Know How" for directions on how to cook your Tapioca Pearls so they turn out perfect.

Premium Teas

All our Teas are naturally flavored. Tea tastes better naturally, giving the Tea Flavor a clean and true character. Check out our fine selection of Flavored Teas for commercial use and home use on OUR LIST.


Getting Started Planning to get into the Bubble Tea Business or add Bubble Tea to your existing business? Send us an email and let us know about your business and plans. After receiving your email, we will forward you our Wholesale Pricing. Your account will automatically be active after your first orders are placed. We recommend first time Bubble Tea drinkers to first order our Bubble Tea Kits. This will allow Bubble Tea drinkers not only practice preparing Bubble Tea, but experimenting with the flavors too. Check out for yourself just how easy it really is to prepare this delicious, healthy drink!!